how to order food in train from zomato and Swiggy

how to order food in train

how to order food in train:While Zomato itself currently doesn’t offer train delivery in India, there are alternative options available to order food through your train journey:

how to order food in train from zomato and Swiggy

1. IRCTC e-catering apps:

  • Zoop: This official IRCTC app partners with restaurants near stations to deliver food on trains. Enter your PNR number, choose your station, and pick from various menus. Payment can be made online or on delivery.
  • TravelKhana: Another IRCTC e-catering app, TravelKhana allows pre-ordering meals or choosing from available options at stations.

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2. Food delivery apps with station pick-up:

  • Swiggy: While not directly delivering on trains, Swiggy allows orders for pick-up at specific stations. Choose your station and preferred restaurant, then pick up your food when you arrive.
  • Foodpanda: Similar to Swiggy, Foodpanda offers station pick-up as an option. Select your station and restaurant, and collect your food at the designated point.

3. Station vendors and restaurants:

  • Many stations have food stalls and restaurants offering various snacks and meals. You can directly purchase food from these vendors.(how to order food in train from zomato)

Here are some additional tips for ordering food on trains:

  • Plan ahead: Check the availability of e-catering options and station pick-up services for your route before your journey.
  • Order early: Especially for e-catering, placing your order in advance ensures timely delivery at your station.
  • Download the app: Having relevant apps downloaded beforehand facilitates smooth ordering and tracking.
  • Carry cash: While some apps offer online payment, having cash handy for station vendors or potential delivery charges is helpful.
  • Check delivery fees: Compare delivery charges across different apps or options to choose the most economical one.

Remember, Zomato delivery directly on trains isn’t currently available in India. However, these alternative options provide convenient ways to enjoy delicious food during your train journey.(how to order food in train from zomato)

I hope this information helps! Have a comfortable and enjoyable train trip!

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