Top 10 Short Anime Series You Might Have Missed


Anime enthusiasts are always on the lookout for the latest and greatest shows to watch. However, there are certain anime series that often go unnoticed. In this blog, we will explore the top 10 short anime series that you might have missed. These underrated gems are worth checking out, so let’s dive in!

10. On a Lustful Night Anime

“On a Lustful Night” tells the story of Mio, who reunites with her high school classmate, Kujo, at a high school reunion. Despite Kujo becoming a monk, their unlikely romance blossoms as they spend a passionate night together. This steamy series might remind you of “One Punch Man,” but it offers much more than meets the eye.

9. I’m the Guard’s Personal Pet

“I’m the Guard’s Personal Pet” follows Satomi Hina, who is sentenced to a year in an all-male prison for embezzlement. There, she encounters Miojin Aki, the head of security, who takes advantage of his power through humiliating remarks and groping. While frustrating, this series hooks you with its three-minute episodes. Anime

8. Shudengo

“Shudengo” revolves around Minori, an office worker, and her boss, Hadano, who constantly argue with each other. When they find themselves stuck in a capsule hotel after missing the last train, their complicated relationship takes an unexpected turn. Despite its censored version, “Shudengo” is worth a watch for its unique love story.

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7. A Predator and a Skirt

“A Predator and a Skirt” introduces us to Komi Nami Shizuka, a shy college girl who attends a mixer to overcome her uneasiness around men. She meets Hiroshima Rio, a tall and beautiful woman who turns out to be a cross-dressing man. This series explores the complex dynamics of love and gender identity.

6. 25-Year-Old High School Girl

“25-Year-Old High School Girl” follows Hana Natori, who returns to high school at the age of 25 to take her cousin’s place. When her secret is exposed by her old classmate, Okido, she expects the worst. However, Okido surprises her with a kiss, revealing his true intentions. While lacking in plot, this series offers entertaining animation and fan service.

5. My Marriage Partner is My Student

“My Marriage Partner is My Student” focuses on teacher Nano Sakawa, who is set up for a marriage interview with Soichiro Takamiya. However, things take a turn when she discovers that Soichiro is one of her problem students. Despite the unrealistic premise, this series captivates with its unexpected twists and a seductive female lead.

4. Yubisaki Kara no Honky no Netsujo

“Yubisaki Kara no Honky no Netsujo” centers around Rio and Soma, childhood friends who become closer when Rio’s apartment catches on fire. As they spend more time together, Rio starts to feel Soma’s burning gaze and finds herself unable to resist his charms. While lacking depth, this series offers decent comedy and appealing characters.(Anime)

3. Excel Yoshi

“Excel Yoshi” follows Saki, who becomes a monitor for the Excel Size of a certain product. However, her boss, Mr. Sudo, discovers her secret and decides to monitor her instead. This series combines comedy and romance as Saki and Mr. Sudo navigate their complicated relationship.(Anime)

2. Joshiochi: A Girl Fell From the Second Floor

“Joshiochi: A Girl Fell From the Second Floor” tells the story of Susake Ikawa, who finds himself living in a new apartment. One day, a girl falls through his roof and onto his lap, leading to a series of unexpected events. This unique show offers a blend of circumstance, love, and acceptance.

1. Miss Washer Her and I in the Female Bath

“Miss Washer Her and I in the Female Bath” introduces Sota, a high school student who takes up a part-time job as a back washer at a bathhouse. When his classmate Aoi visits the bathhouse, things become awkward as Sota harbors a secret crush on her. This hilarious and romantic comedy series offers surprising character development and suggestive content.


These top 10 short anime series might have slipped under your radar, but they are definitely worth a watch. From steamy romances to hilarious comedies, each series offers something unique and entertaining. So, the next time you’re looking for something new to watch, give one of these underrated gems a try!

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